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Queens, NY

Our Yelp Reviews:

"If you want direct cremation of a loved one that is fast, efficient, and reasonably priced, this is by far the best, This was for my Mother in law and I had already been responsible for both of my parents elsewhere.

Robert, the proprietor makes a tough time easier. Handled everything while I took care of family. Can't say enough about this service. Deserved 6 stars."

William H.

New York, NY


"For the second time I reached out to All Faiths Burial to help with direct cremation and he came through 100% again.  This time I was under pressure from the hospital to move quickly due to poor communication on their part.  Thanks to Robert and his staff everything was taken care of perfectly.

What I find especially refreshing about All Faiths Burial is their honest presentation of your options with no pressure to spend more than absolutely necessary.  My loved one wanted cremation, and since we were having a private service Robert again suggested direct cremation at a price far lower than any other option I found when I researched this last year.

If you are expecting to need the services of a funeral director I suggest you try to contact one ahead of time.  And call All Faiths Burial and talk to Robert!"

Paul S.

Brooklyn, NY


"My father died on October 15, and once again I called Robert at All Faiths. Dad was buried next to Mom with military honors. Robert went beyond the usual call to the VFW,  and instead my father was honored by two active duty Honor Guards from the US Army Third Regiment, also known as The Old Guard. The ceremony was profoundly moving and I now have my dad's flag. I lost both parents in five weeks, and had no worries in terms of logistics for their burials. Thank you, Robert."

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"My mother died September 9 in Pennsylvania, with a cemetery plot at Mount Hebron, Robert handled everything. My mother's body was collected, driven to NY, and buried  on September 11 in a plain pine box in the Jewish tradition as she wanted. Robert was kind, caring, responsive, clear, and charged literally half of what other funeral homes in the area had quoted. My father is now in his last days, and I will be using Robert again in the near future."

Lynda L.



"The name of the owner is Robert, and I just want to second everything about the above review.

When your family member dies, and you have no experience here, the best thing any vendor can to do exactly what he says, for the exact price.

This service is not a grief counselor or psychologist. It's a businesslike and no-frills way to arrange cremation and delivery of remains in an inexpensive container. The experience was respectful to me and exactly to the point. Delivery of remains and death certificates was on time, and when i called back to make a small change in delivery address, Robert was just as courteous and helpful after he had his small markup as before.

Again, seek comfort and counseling in your friends and family and professionals if you need it. I am very satisfied that if you seek a rock-bottom price for a professional job, this is the company to see."

Brian C.

Brooklyn, NY


"Just spoke with the them again to ask about service for a loved one who is in pretty bad shape. The call served to alleviate some of the anxiety I was experiencing regarding the future. I was treated with exceptional kindness and professionalism by Robert (I blanked on the name in my last review).

He went through the process of pick-up and cremation again with me, and told me the specific [still utterly reasonable] fee and what it included. He also gave me advise about what I should possibly do before my loved one passes to make the process more seamless at the time of death, all the while evincing compassion as he spoke. As a native New Yorker, I have an overly sensitive radar for bullshit and I can confidently say that this man is in the business for the right reason: to unburden  profoundly sorrowful, flummoxed people by streamlining a potentially harrowing process. I'm sorry to require the service but grateful that Robert exists to provide it when the time comes."

Previous review...

"I decided to write this review for those New Yorkers who unfortunately need to cremate someone, but haven't the presence of mind (with all that you have to attend to and all the pain and fear) to find a reputable, inexpensive outfit to provide the service. When I was in need, I had trouble finding any recommendations online, so hopefully this helps others. There are a lot of crooks in the industry and grief-stricken loved ones fall victim to their scumminess. I'm an atheist and so was my dead father, so I can't speak to how well this funeral home hosts services. What I can say is that my father, who was a profoundly frugal guy, would have been proud that I didn't waste my inheritance on an expensive pick-up and cremation service that nobody was going to attend (the memorial service was momentous but it wasn't linked in any way to the cremation; we rented out the Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society, which was just right for our needs).  I can't remember the All Faiths director's name, but he was a sleaze-less professional. He quoted me an incredibly reasonable price a week before my father died, and the price was exactly what he charged me when all was said and done. My uncle died recently and I was shocked by how much my aunt paid for the same service (different company). As I was in agony (having just lost my father), I really appreciated not having to think too much about the process. I made a quick call, and then my dad was picked up from the hospital morgue (they of course make house-calls too) sometime that day. I was notified after this happened. Since I wasn't present for the actual pick-up, I  had to identify the body at the funeral home the day after, and they made this tolerable, if only just. The guy who walked me through the paperwork and identification process was all business and no nonsense, but he was warm enough. The ashes were mailed to me a couple of weeks later at most. No schmoozing, no hard-selling of expensive containers. It was what it was. They probably can offer you anything you would like in terms of services or containers, but for my purposes, I was very satisfied with the no-frills experience. We also ordered several copies of the death certificate from them and they had originals for us in no time at all. The office I went to was pretty far out in Queens, but you will save like a thousand dollars at least so the inconvenience (if you are from another borough) is well worth it if you are low on funds, or cheap. If you know beforehand that your loved one is going to die, I strongly recommend putting in a few calls and getting quotes with a few reputable funeral homes before the time of death. You do not have to commit to anything with these guys, as I recall it. You will be in no shape to discuss price and process when you are saddled with grief so do this as early as you can. Good luck and peace be with yours and you." 

Delilah B.

Brooklyn, NY

"I very rarely get off my ass to write a review, but Robert at All Faiths warranted this review.  I live in California and flew out to see my father in the hospital.  By the time my brother and I both arrived from across the country, our father had passed.  We went from thinking we were visiting our father to having to arrange his funeral.  We decided to cremate him, and didn't know the first thing about it.  We went online, calling various places in Brooklyn and Queens, until we found Robert.  He was so gracious, and yet very business-like.  He told us some details of the industry he was in, assured us repeatedly in every aspect of the process, and was true to his word.  He made this difficult experience so much easier, did not prey on our lack of knowledge, and actually charged significantly less than any of his competitors.  Our father's ashes arrived back in California within a few days after his passing, and in the mean time, Robert was available, day and night, weekdays and weekends, to field our random distress calls.  A well-deserved 5-stars."

Jason L.

Oakland, CA

"This is a very belated review.  Today is the second anniversary of my husband's death.  Robert took excellent care of our family's needs, and went way out of his way to make sure we met tight deadlines, including driving in a downpour to bring my husband's remains to our house so it would be just in time for our church service the next morning."

R J.

Brooklyn, NY


"When a loved one passes its one of the most difficult life changing experiences. I recommend Robert and his wonderful staff for the way we were treated with such kindness. They made this experience bearable! All questions were answered, and prices affordable. Thank you."

Denise V.



"Robert goes above and beyond for the families he serves.  Highly recommended."

Hayley F.

Jersey City, NJ


"On December 17, 2013, a good friend for whom I, along with 2 of her other friends, were caregivers for 28 months, passed away.  The nursing home gave me a 3-page list of funeral homes, some of which had stars next to them.  The first starred one I called had an answering machine.  The second starred one (and actually, the first on the list) was Robert at All Faiths.  From the very first phone call, Robert was kind, professional, even-voiced, helpful, patient, understanding, explanatory and informative.

This was the first time I'd ever had to make funeral arrangements, and in an already stressful and sad situation, one couldn't possibly ask for a better, more knowledgeable and considerate transition assistant than Robert.

My friend was cremated and Robert made absolutely certain that I understood every "dot" that had to be dotted and every "T" that had to be crossed, and why.

Going forward, should the circumstance arise and I am called upon again, or if anybody ever asks me how to go about handling their loved ones last wishes, I will send them straight to Robert.  He truly cares about his calling and that comes through from beginning to end."

Monica H.

New York, NY


"My family cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Robert from All Faiths Burial and Cremation. After experiencing an unexpected and quick loss of a NY relative I had to fly up and attend to all matters. I found Robert at the suggestion of the social/hospice worker who had been guiding our family through the process of losing our loved one.

Robert was nothing but professional, compassionate and easy going from the start. At a late hour of the evening he took time to help us make initial arrangements. He handled everything with great efficiency, respect and made it as easy as possible for us from across the miles. Everything he did (pick up, direct cremation, death certificates and shipping of our loved one's remains) was done with out hassle.

In Spring we will travel back  up to NY and Robert will transfer our relatives remains to an urn for us. Despite the circumstances, I'm looking forward to meeting Robert and thanking him in person.

If you seek courtesy, compassion and reasonable costs with no bait- and -switch or other hassles do call All Faiths."

Jacqui M.

Pompano Beach, FL


"Affordable, Compassion and Quality Service was all I got from the moment I stepped in the front door.  Thank you Robert!"

D S.

Pompano Beach, FL


"I had the pleasure of dealing with All Faiths while planning my father's funeral.  The staff was very helpful and accommodating while trying to put together the different pricing options for my family.  The place itself was clean and updated and allowed for 1 funeral at a time so it is more personal.  Pricing was the MOST reasonable compared to what is offered in this area. I visited this place based on the reviews that I read and was not disappointed with the treatment that I received.  I decided to write a review for them too because they were straight up and honest and did not look to pad the funeral with extras but DID have the ability to provied it if requested."


Queens Village, NY